Lipid Biology and Disease
Symposium of
Rutgers Center for Lipid Research
November 3, 2017
IFNH Building, Room 101, Cook Campus, 61 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ


8:30 am Registration and Poster Setup
9:00 am Welcome and Introduction
Robert M. Goodman
, Dean, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
George M. Carman, Director, Rutgers Center for Lipid Research
Grace L. Guo, School of Pharmacy and EOHSI

Session 1

Lipid biology and molecular regulation, Chair: George M. Carman

9:15 am

George M. Carman (Department of Food Science)
The fat-regulating enzyme phosphatidic acid phosphatase regulates membrane phospholipid synthesis via phosphatidylserine synthase

9:45 am

Joseph T. Nickels, Jr. (Institute of Metabolic Disorders)
Brain Arv1 is required for the progression of metabolic syndrome in response to a Western diet

10:15 am

Peter Gilles (New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition & Health) 
Precision nutrition with a focus on lipids

10:45 am Coffee Break
11:15 am

Olga Ilnytska (Department of Nutritional Sciences)
Emerging role for lysobisphosphatidic acid (LBPA) in Niemann-Pick type C disease

11:45 am

Harini Sampath (Department of Nutritional Sciences)
A role for mitochondrial base excision repair in energy metabolism

12:15 pm Lunch
  Posters, Chair: Harini Sampath (Department of Nutritional Sciences)
Session 2

Pathogenesis and treatments for lipid-related disorders, Chair: Tracy Anthony

1:45 pm

Lauren Aleksunes (School of Pharmacy and EOHSI)
Liver-intestine bile acid signaling during pregnancy

2:15 pm

Tracy Anthony (Department of Nutritional Sciences)
Obesity promotes liver toxicity to the anti-leukemic agent asparaginase: mechanisms and metabolomics

2:45 pm

Grace L. Guo (School of Pharmacy and EOHSI)
Tissue-specific role of FXR in NAH development

3:15 pm Coffee Break
3:45 pm

Yi-Horng Lee (Department of Surgery)
The effects of FXR deficiency on insulin sensitivity in mice after sleeve gastrectomy

4:15 pm

Victor Jin (Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine)
Modulating mitochondrial bionergetics for treatment of metabolic diseases and cancer

4:45 pm

Li-Ping Zhao (Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology)
Gut microbiota in host lipid metabolism

5:15 pm

George M. Carman (Department of Food Science)
Poster awards