Lipids in Health and Disease
Symposium of Rutgers Center for Lipid Research
Friday, November 8, 2019
IFNH Building, Room 101, Cook Campus, 61 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ


8:30 am Registration and Poster Setup
9:00 am

Welcome and Introductions
Robert M. Goodman
, Dean, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
George M. Carman, Rutgers Center for Lipid Research

Session 1 Chair: Judith Storch
9:15 am

Ira J. Goldberg (New York University)
Triglycerides from the gut, through the blood, to the heart


9:55 am

Judith Storch (Rutgers University)
Regulation of chylomicron secretion in obesity

10:30 am Break & Group Photo
10:55 am

Joseph L. Dixon (Rutgers University) 
A wild ride around the cell, the secretion of VLDL from the liver cell

11:30 am

Isabel Medina Méndez (Spanish National Council of Research CSIC)
Modulation of lipid mediators and protein carbonylome in pre-diabetic adipose tissue

12:05 pm Lunch and Posters
Poster Session
IFNH, second floor
Chairs: Gil-Soo Han & Olga Ilnytska (Rutgers University)
Session 2 Chair: Loredana Quadro
2:00 pm

Harini Sampath (Rutgers University)
Regulation and physiological roles of intestinal delta-9 desaturases

2:35 pm

Chunmin C. Lo (Ohio University)
Role of Apo A-IV in intestinal lipoprotein metabolism and food intake


3:10 pm

Loredana Quadro (Rutgers University)
Regulation of lipoprotein biosynthesis by beta-carotene

3:45 pm

George M. Carman (Rutgers University)
Poster Awards
Carman Prize in Lipids

4:00 pm Adjourn