Research meetings are held Monday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. in the IFNH building Room 205.

Date Speaker Title
09/25/2017 Atreju Lackey (Storch lab) The intestinal morphology and physiology of intestinal-fatty acid binding protein (IFABP) null mice
Harini Sampath A role for mitochondrial DNA repair in energy metabolism
10/30/2017 Lihong Hao (Shapses lab) Serum lipids and glycemic indices in response to a putative alpha-glucosidase inhibitor in overweight/obese adults
  Heli Xu (Storch lab) Metabolic changes in skeletal muscle underlie improved exercise capacity in liver fatty acid-binding protein null mice
11/27/2017 Prabuddha Dey (Carman lab) Phosphorylation of lipid metabolic enzymes by yeast protein kinase C requires phosphatidylserine and diacylglycerol
  Dylan Klein (Anthony lab) Effects of exercise and training on skeletal muscle lipid metabolism in Standardbred horses
12/18/2017 Yeonhee Park (Carman lab) Structure-function analysis of yeast Pah1 phosphatidate phosphatase
  Alvaro Toledo Lipid rafts in Borrelia burgdoferi
01/29/2018 Dawn Brasaemle DDHD2 lipase
  Youn-Kyun Kim (Quadro lab) Characterization of protein kinase C delta knock-in mouse strain
02/26/2018 Robert Dowden (Campbell lab) Metabolic and microbial responses to exercise in C57 wild-type and adenylyl cyclase 5 knock mice
  Archana Mukhopadhyay and Mike Krug (Nickels lab) Targeting SREBP2 for NASH treatment
03/26/2018 Nick Margolies (Anthony lab) Effects of a high fat, methionine restricted diet in the skeletal muscle of mice
  Dan Rizzolo (Guo lab) Bile acid profiling in a Cyp7a1 & Cyp27a1 double knockout mouse model
04/30/2018 Elena Giordano (Quadro lab) β-apocarotenoids regulation of lipoprotein biosynthesis in placenta

Joe Nickels

ARV1 may be a virulence factor involved in Candida albicans pathogenesis

05/21/2018 Joseph Dixon Intracellular transport of apolipoprotein B within hepatocytes - Update and role in lipid metabolism