Research meetings are held Monday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. in the IFNH building Room 205.

Date Speaker Title
09/26/2016 Gil-Soo Han (Carman lab) Regulation of phospholipid synthesis by Pah1 PA phosphatase
  Hanlin Tao (Jin Lab) Treating metabolic diseases with a safe mitochondrial uncoupler
10/31/2016 Michelle Sempkowski (Sofou lab) Triggered ligand clustering on lipid nanoparticles for selective targeting and killing of untargetable cancer cells: the case for "sticky patches"
Paul Meers (Meers lab) Understanding and utilizing bacterial vesicular delivery
11/28/2016 Chaoyang Xue (Xue lab) Lipid flippase-mediated antifungal drug resistance and fungal virulence
  Yang Wang (Shapses/Miller lab) High fat diet, vitamin D metabolism and bone
12/19/2016 Inna Nikonorova (Anthony lab) Regulation of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism: The story of GCN2 and Apolipoprotein B
  Justin Schumacher (Guo lab) Regulation of lipid synthesis and metabolism by fibroblast growth factor 15
01/30/2017 Dawn Brasaemle (Brasaemle lab) Studies of a novel lipase
  Paul James Wisniewski (Campbell lab) Exercise reduces high-fat diet induced colon inflammation but does not influence MUC2 expression
02/27/2017 Azam Hassaninasab (Carman lab) Enzymatic method to analyze phosphatidic acid in yeast
  Ashley Pettit (Anthony Lab) Dietary methionine restriction regulates liver protein synthesis and gene expression independently of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 phosphorylation in mice
03/27/2017 Jessie Lee Cunningham (Nickels lab) Molecular characterization of Arv1 lipid binding
  Maryam Honarbakhsh (Quadro lab) Study of the microbiota of a mouse model of vitamin A deficiency
04/17/2017 Wen-Min Su (Carman lab) The phosphorylation of yeast Nem1-Spo7 protein phosphatase complex by protein kinase A
  Olga Ilnytska (Storch lab) Therapeutic potential of lyso-bis-phosphatidic acid enrichment in the treatment of Niemann–Pick type C1 disease
05/22/2017 Chelsee Holloway (Quadro lab) Preliminary studies on the cardiac dysfunction of female mice lacking beta-carotene 15,15’-dioxygenase (BCO1)

Laura Armstrong (Guo lab)

Effects of acute-phase proteins in mediating hepatic FXR’s protection of NASH development