Research meetings are held Monday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. in the IFNH building Room 205.

Date Speaker Title
09/30/2019 Paul Meers Vesicular delivery of antibiotics and polynucleotides by Lysobacter and other bacterial species
  Kristie Conde (Roepke Lab) KNDy neuronal sensitivity to ghrelin and the impact of 17-beta-estradiol on reproduction and energy balance
10/28/2019 Joanna Kwiatek (Carman Lab) Membrane phospholipid composition regulates phosphatidate phosphatase activity
Natalie Burchat (Sampath Lab) Regulation of physiological roles of intestinal delta-9 desaturases
01/27/2019 Hiba Tawfeeq (Storch Lab) Fatty Acid Binding Protein1 (Liver Conditional Knockout Mice)
  Gabriele Stankeviciute (Klein lab) Ceramide synthesis characterization in bacteria
02/24/2020 Maryam Honarbakhsh (Quadro Lab) TBD
  TBD (Verzi Lab) TBD
03/30/2020 Anastasia Diolintzi (Sidossis & Storch Labs) TBD
  William Jonsson (Anthony Lab) TBD
04/27/2020 Ruchi Yadav / Bryan Gutierrez (Izgu Lab) TBD
Mary Stofan (Guo Lab) TBD