RCLR held its 5th annual symposium "Lipids in Health and Disease" on November 8th. Download the Program Booklet and read the news release

The 3rd Big Ten Academic Alliance Lipid Conference was held at the University of Minnesota on September 27, 2019. Loredana Quadro was a keynote speaker and gave a great talk. Download the program and a photo of the ten RCLR members who attended.

The RCLR held the symposium "Lipid Diversity and Human Diease" on Novermber 9, 2018. Download the booklet, see photos on the RCLR Facebook page, and read the news release

Read the ASBMB Today article about RCLR from 2008

Sai Komakula and the Sampath Lab publish their work on oxidative DNA damage and regulation of energy balance in Scientific Reports:

Youn-Kyung Kim, Laura Armstrong, Justin Schumacher, Sai Komakula, Maryam Honarbaksh, and Trey Lackey present posters at the BTAA-Lipids Conference at Purdue University on February 16, 2018. Loredana Quadro, Judy Storch, and George Carman (speaker) also attended the conference. Support for student/postdoc attendance to the conference was provided by the NeuroLipid Research Foundation.

George Carman is reappointed Associate Editor of the Journal of Lipid Research

Rutgers Researchers Explore the Wonderful World of Lipids

Rutgers News Release-A Fat-Regulating Enzyme Could Hold the Key to Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Other Diseases

The Lipid Biology & Disease Poster Awardees are Youn-Kyung Kim, Laura Armstrong, Justin Schumacher, Sai Komakula, and Maryam Honarbaksh.

RCLR hosts symposium on lipid biology and disease on November 3, 2017

Dr. Olga Ilnytska receives Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation grant to study the therapeutic potential of lysobisphospatidic acid (LBPA) enrichment in the treatment of Niemann Pick type C1 disease.

Dr. Loredana Quadro is recognized as a 2017 Fellow of the International Carotenoid Society. The International Carotenoid Society recognizes members whose consistent contributions to the Society, the scientific community, and the general public demonstrate a commitment to excellence, leadership, and sound ethics.

RCLR members Lauren Aleksunes, Tracy Anthony, George Carman, Stelios Fakas, Grace Guo, Gil-Soo Han, Victor Jin, Labros, Sidossis, and Judy Storch presented paprs at the Experimental Biology meeting in Chicago.

Dr. George Carman, Director of RCLR took part in the March for Science on April 22, 2017 while attending the Experimental Biology meeting in Chicago. He was interviewed by the local CBS affiliate. Check it out here.

On November 10, 2016, the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research hosted the Inaugural Symposium of the Big Ten Academic Alliance Lipids entitled Lipids and Metabolic Diseases II.
News Release, Program booklet, and event photos.

Dr. Filippo Mancia from the Columbia University Medical Center led a team of scientists, which includes Drs. Youn-Kyung Kim and Loredana Quadro from the RCLR, to elucidate the structure of the membrane receptor STRA6 that transports vitamin A into the cell. For more information, follow the links to the press release and the article published in Science.