Research Interest and Contact Information

Lauren Aleksunes, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Membrane drug transporters

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Phone: (848) 445-5518

Tracy G. Anthony, Ph.D., Professor

Research: Regulation of lipid metabolism by amino acids

Department of Nutritional Sciences
Phone: 848-932-6331

Dawn L. Brasaemle, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Research: Biology of neutral lipid storage and release, functions of lipid droplet-associated proteins

Nutritional Sciences, SEBS

Sara C. Campbell, PhD, Associate Professor

Research: Obesity and gut microbiome, dietary fat and intestinal integrity, exercise, omega-3s and inflammation

Exercise Science, SAS
Phone: 848-932-7036

George M. Carman, Ph.D., Board of Governors Professor and Director RCLR

Research: Biochemical regulation of lipid metabolism

Food Science, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-0267

Photo: Joseph L. Dixon, Ph.D., Associate Professor.

Joseph L. Dixon, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Lipoprotein metabolism, lipid metabolism in diabetes and obesity

Nutritional Sciences, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-9039

Radek Dobrowolski, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Integration of cellular metabolism and signaling-Alzheimer’s Disease

Federated Department of Biological Sciences, Rutgers Newark
Phone: 973-353-5536

Stylianos Fakas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research: Regulation of lipid synthesis and biofuels

Department of Food and Animal Sciences
Alabama A&M University
Phone: 732-979-1301

Peter Gillies, Ph.D., FAHA, Professor Emeritus

Research: Nutrigenomics and the relationships between nutrition and metabolic syndrome disorders

Nutritional Sciences, SEBS

Barth D. Grant, Ph.D., Professor

Research: Membrane trafficking in the endosomal system

Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, SAS
Phone: 848-445-7339

Grace L. Guo, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Bile acid receptors

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Phone: 848-445-8186

Gil-Soo Han, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor

Research: Regulation of lipid synthesis

Food Science, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-0268

Sarwar Hashmi, Ph.D.

Research: Lipid metabolic disorders

Rutgers Center for Vector Biology, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-9341

Olga Ilnytska, Ph.D., Research Associate

Research: Intracellular cholesterol trafficking

Department of Nutritional Sciences, SEBS

Enver Cagri Izgu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research: Design, synthesis, and systems biochemistry of nucleic acids and lipids
Chemistry and Chemical Biology, SAS
Phone: 848-445-4361

Laurie Joseph, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor

Research: Mechanism of skin injury and repair

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Phone: 848-445-1644


Shengkan (Victor) Jin, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Autophagy in cellular maintenance: Implications in aging, cancer, and metabolic diseases

Pharmacology, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Phone: 732-235-4329

Eric Klein, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research: Role of lipids in bacterial cell morphology

Department of Biology-Rutgers Camden
Phone: 856-225-6335

Hong Li, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Regulation of signal transduction and lipid metabolism by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Center for Advanced Proteomics Research, Rutgers-NJ Medical School, Newark
Phone: 973-972-8396

Photo: Charles E. Martin, Ph.D., Professor.

Charles E. Martin, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Research: Regulation of fatty acid desaturation, modification, and elongation

Cell Biology and Neuroscience, SAS-DLS

Paul R. Meers, Ph.D., Instructor

Research: membrane dynamics, drug delivery/transfection technologies, nanotechnology, biofilms, spectroscopic assays and imaging technologies, biofuels

Plant Biology and Pathology, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-6230

Photo: Richard Mendelsohn, Ph.D., Professor II.

Richard Mendelsohn, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Research: Biophysics of membrane lipid interactions

Chemistry, FAS, Newark
Phone: 973-353-5613

Joseph T. Nickels, Jr., Ph.D., Director, Institute of Metabolic Disorders

Research: Drug discovery for treating fatty liver disease

Genesis Biotechnology Group

Apostolos Pappas, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty

Research: Lipid metabolism in skin cells; sebocyte and subcutaneous preadipocyte differentiation; ceramide synthesis in keratinocytes

Food Science Graduate Program, SEBS; Skin Biology

Loredana Quadro, Ph.D., Professor

Research: Maternal-fetal metabolism of vitamin A and its carotenoid precursor beta-carotene

Food Science, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-5491

Troy A. Roepke, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Interactions of steroids, high-fat diets, and endocrine disruptors on metabolism

Animal Sciences, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-9454

Diana Roopchand, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research: Dietary phytochemicals and bacteria involved in chronic disease prevention

Food Science, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-0248

Harini Sampath, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research: Oxidative damage, metabolic homeostasis, and inflammation

Nutritional Sciences, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-0266

Sue A. Shapses, Ph.D., R.D., Professor and Director, Center for Human Nutrition, Exercise, and Metabolism

Research: Bone mass, obesity and caloric restriction

Nutritional Sciences, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-9403

Labros S. Sidossis, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor

Research: Pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases; regulation of lipid metabolism

Exercise Science (Chair), SAS
Phone: 848-932-9525

Judith Storch, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor

Research: Cellular lipid transport, structure and function of fatty acid-binding proteins

Nutritional Sciences, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-1689

Alvaro Toledo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research: Membrane lipid domains in vector-borne pathogens

Department of Entomology, Center of Vector Biology, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-

Nilgun Tumer, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor

Research: Role of lipid signaling in trichothecene mycotoxin-mediated oxidative stress

Plant Biology and Pathology, SEBS
Phone: 848-932-6359

Michael Verzi, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Transcription factors contributing to intestinal health and disease

Department of Genetics, SAS
Phone: 848-445-9578

Malcolm Watford, D.Phil., Professor

Research: Role of amino acids in de novo fatty acid synthesis and glyceroneogenesis in adipocytes and mammary epithelial cells

Nutritional Sciences, SEBS
Phone: 732-932-7418

Chaoyang Xue, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research: Inositol acquisition and utilization during host-pathogen interactions and their impact on fungal pathogenesis

The Public Health Research Institute
Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
New Jersey Medical School-Rutgers, Newark
Phone: 973-854-3218